Personal protection products can transform a potentially dangerous or hazardous environment into a safe one. From face shield sand head protection to hearing protection, personal protection products offer safety from potential harmful threats in the home and workplace. Whether you or your employees are on an assembly line or in a laboratory, personal protection products can dramatically reduce the risks associated with the job. Why expose yourself or your company to injury and potential lawsuits? Personal protection products should be the first line of defense in maintaining a safe work environment. Personal protection products are great for use in industries such as construction, machining, mining, and manufacturing where conditions cannot always be controlled or predicted. When you have the potential for flying particles, loud noises, or splashing chemicals, a personal protection product is imperative for employees to wear. It can protect both your employees and limit your company’s liability.

Total Source Manufacturing is a leading supplier of personal protection products. Our personal protection products are extensively tested and very comfortable to wear. Total Source Manufacturing works with the most reliable manufacturers of personal protection products, and consumers can rest easy knowing they are being protected by the best equipment available when they buy from us. Rest assured that Total Source Manufacturing’s personal protection products are certified for impact and penetration resistance. Total Source Manufacturing combines comfort and protection to create top of the line personal protection products for the average worker. Personal protection products have been known to save lives and prevent injury, and Total Source Manufacturing takes pride in continuing this tradition by providing top quality products to our customers.

Face Shields

Our NOGMA face shields are ANSI Standard Z87.1-1989 tested and approved for impact and penetration resistance. Besides face shields, we also supply goggles and spectacles that are also high mass impact and high velocity impact tested.

Choose the thick polycarbonate impact protection Economy face shield as an alternative for protection from airborne particles. Or the Ratchet Adjustment face shield with a foam padded band on the forehead for maximum comfort and extended wear.

Our face shields are excellent for the use in laboratory, industrial, machining, construction, milling, and similar industries which require protection from particles and splash.

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